Monday, December 21, 2009

DinoRider WIP2

Just a small update. Finally got the dragon scale cloak done for the rider. The ends of the cloak needs to be slightly tattered later once the green stuff has dried. Decided to trim the top part with fur (although i do not know which dinosaur has fur :P) My cloak making is still lacking as im unable to make the folds natural :(

Took the advice from Lord AK and Lord King Kong to have the head facing downwards slightly (what do you all think?) One hand holding a halbred which will be his frost blade. The other hand will be holding chains which will be later on added as reins for his mount.

Again thanks all for view and for your comments.





  1. Green stuff looks great! You sculpt that detail, or did you use press molds?

  2. Waah.. seemaaarrt!!

    So many improvement in just one day. Salute!
    I'll try and match your speed. Like they say,"One Rhino a day keeps the doctor away" hahaha..

    Keep it up..

  3. The fur cloak and scales sculpted. The ornamentation on the marine press mold.

    Where got alot of improvement. Converting is time consuming coz of the waiting time :(

  4. Like the cloak, is the reason to get a 4+ Invul save!
    Head looking down feels like the Dragon lord just said "Are you begging my mercy to spare your live?" Muahaha