Sunday, December 20, 2009

DinoRider WIP

Just a small update. Testing the rider on the dinosaur. I decided to put it in terminator armour but modifying it as the rules do not allow terminator armour to be mounted. But since the lord's gonna have Runic Armour and Belt of Russ then i guess a terminator armoured model would be the best choice :)


**Plus it would take one hell of a marine to subdue this beast!!!***


  1. Kerja gila convert using a juggernaut hahaha.. but i like :)

    If I may comment:
    i. Find another head for your Wolf Lord lah. A Wolf Lord never goes to war wearing helmet. Not being able to stare into the enemy's eyes as they kill them is not cool they say hahaha..

    ii. He should look more macho looking down intead of upwards.

    way to go brother..

  2. I bukan wolf lord la!!! Dragon lord!!! Kalau tak pakai helmet kena bakar hangus!!! LOL!!!

    Thanks for the suggestions. :)

  3. Ohh.. DragonLord kah.. ok.. ok.. hahaha

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  5. The termi armor are perfect fit the Jugernaught mount, it deserve 2+ armor save, but because you chop off the top part of it, so you only get 5+ save against wound cause by psychic,:P.
    The sculpt of saurs like scale are nice, it give the jugernaught have Dragon feel.