Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lizardmen Salamanders

Managed to get me 2 sets of Metal Salamanders :D
Sooooo happy after my sucky finecast Slann.

 photo IMG_3579_zpsd6368f1e.jpg
 photo IMG_3580_zpsf6bf1b1c.jpg
 photo IMG_3581_zps4267aa33.jpg

Lizardman Slann Mage

God i hate finecast.... :(

 photo IMG_3574_zpsba59e560.jpg
 photo IMG_3576_zps3896de46.jpg
 photo IMG_3575_zps54743d0f.jpg
 photo IMG_3577_zps745800ce.jpg

Lizardmen Temple Guard

 photo IMG_3397_zps174791f0.jpg
 photo IMG_3395_zps62f880c7.jpg
 photo IMG_3396_zps15acdfd4.jpg
 photo IMG_3394_zps542f34c2.jpg

After painting this i know why i HATE FANTASY!!!
but too late i already took the plunge T_T

Khador Battle Engine

First big model of 2014... more to come :D

 photo IMG_3427_zpsbe439f8b.jpg
 photo IMG_3421_zps13bc9061.jpg
 photo IMG_3423_zps57822676.jpg
 photo IMG_3424_zpsd816b705.jpg
 photo IMG_3426_zps2ba682e7.jpg
 photo IMG_3425_zps32b3083f.jpg

Lizardmen - Skinks

Back in to fantasy.... T_T"


 photo IMG_3430_zps037902d4.jpg
 photo IMG_3431_zpsd4a46e4a.jpg
 photo IMG_3432_zpscacc92dd.jpg

Starting 2014 with a BOOM!!!

First completed set of models for 2014.

My new years resolution is post everything i paint.... but should i think i'll post it monthly :P
Im just soooo lazy to update my blog.

Here goes Warmachine's Merc Boomhowlers.

 photo IMG_3412_zps50e2dae3.jpg
 photo IMG_3409_zps051e1380.jpg
 photo IMG_3410_zpsf7973cd1.jpg

As usual thanks for viewing :)