Friday, November 27, 2009

Forgeworld Giant Cont. 4

Finally all the parts are glued together and washed with oils. I used burnt umber mixed with black and thinned with white spirits. Areas between the cloth patched were further washed with burnt umber and MIG pigments to give it a dusty weathered look.




Forgeworld Giant Cont. 3

The face of the giant was basically airbrushed with GW's washes. I used the orge flesh for the mid areas. Then the shadows were further darken with the purple wash and red wash. Then the high lights were painted with thinned vallejo flesh color mixed with scab red. At the end a light wash of chestnut ink into the recesses.

The bald spot was airbrushed with bluish grey to simulate the stubble of growing hair and then darkened at areas with a thin wash of black.

The fur on the shoulders was painted german grey and the dry brushed with german grey plus white and dry brushed again with more white added. This was done over a few layers to get to the top color.




Forgeworld Giant Cont. 2

Each panel of the shirt was individually painted with a whole variety of vallejo colors to create a montage of colors which again seen as a whole makes for a consistent and harmonious feel. The reddish patches is there to break the boredom of the browns give abit more contrast. Red was chosen as it is a warm hue which suits with the browns. The back of the model is given the same treatment. A patch on the pants was airbrushed off white with shading to again break the boredom of having too many browns in the model.



Forgeworld Giant Cont.

So basic air brushing of the model part would be the most logical choice as it would be better for large surfaces to eliminate the the problem of brush strokes. The body is done in a basic brown color on a black undercoat. All the paints used are tamiya. The face was just a basic color and a few coats of highlighting to bring out the basic structure.


Some of the parts of the shirt of the model was airbrushed in to give me a basic feel of where the various colors should go. Consideration was needed to ensure the overall consistency of the model so that each part does not overwhelm the whole model. Decided for red sleeves to give a bit more color to the model and this part was the most logical choice as it was a whole piece.


Forgeworld Giant

Got a commission for a forgeworld giant. I really thought that it was an ugly model... but i changed my mind when painting this model. It is my 1st warhammer fantasy model. So i am abit at a lost to how to get about painting it. So i guess basic patchwork cloth from hides of different animals would be the way to go.