Monday, December 28, 2009

Base Coated

Just returned from my holidays :) And back to work on the Dino Rider. A small update. The model was base coated with GW Chaos black spray and then airbrushed with Tamiya Sea Blue : Field Blue : Medium Blue : Sky Blue.

Now that the base colors are done. The next steps would be hand painting :)

Dino Basecoated

Dinorider Basecoated


  1. Looks wicked bro!
    btw, you used 4 colours for basecoat?

  2. Looking forward to seeing this done! :) Looking good so far...

  3. Ya 4 colors normally... but actually no need 1 im just fussy. 2 colors is actually enuff. :)

  4. Sorry used the wrong term... not basecoat but preshading... at least that's what i think it's called :S

  5. Waah.. lawa. I'll try that preshading method. Who knows i'll live up to your standard :)