Tuesday, September 24, 2013


After thinking about it... this was the final dio concept. But i had lost the flame. So....

 photo IMG_2010_zpsa2b7afcd.jpg
 photo IMG_2009_zpsd3108984.jpg
 photo IMG_2006_zps845c769e.jpg
 photo IMG_2005_zps7432cdbf.jpg
 photo IMG_2011_zps47a1c45b.jpg
 photo IMG_2007_zps2ced4eaf.jpg

Anyways done is done thanks for viewing... :)

Finally it's done!!!

:) Enjoy!!!

 photo IMG_1984_zps4c2bd744.jpg
 photo IMG_1987_zps3c365426.jpg
 photo IMG_1985_zpsce042445.jpg
 photo IMG_1988_zps3a23f1a5.jpg
 photo IMG_1986_zpsf625a86f.jpg
 photo IMG_1990_zps0a7255a5.jpg
 photo IMG_1989_zps7ce4e652.jpg
 photo IMG_1991_zps3126d7c5.jpg
 photo IMG_1996_zps8cfcfde9.jpg
 photo IMG_1993_zps24e7b69a.jpg
 photo IMG_1995_zps027a9531.jpg
 photo IMG_1992_zps85f4a0bb.jpg
 photo IMG_1997_zps48a264d6.jpg
 photo IMG_1994_zpse959371f.jpg

Thanks for viewing :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013


U get what u pay for :)
FW Contemplator/FW Ironclad/ Assault on Black Reach Dread :D

 photo IMG_1973_zpsd4738035.jpg

Will try to do a WIP.... I hope this time it will be successful... *unlikely* :(
 photo IMG_1976_zpsa32452ff.jpg
 photo IMG_1983_zps782ee3bf.jpg
 photo IMG_1982_zps1c3f9617.jpg
 photo IMG_1981_zps4effc779.jpg
 photo IMG_1978_zps38998534.jpg
 photo IMG_1979_zps7f441c34.jpg
 photo IMG_1980_zps4513557b.jpg

Thanks for viewing :)