Monday, April 8, 2013

IG Valkyrie

Browsing through some old pix when i saw these pix.

Realizing that my skills are dropping to a low low level :(

 photo P2186371_zps0146cff4.jpg
 photo P2186373_zps4d2c2f8a.jpg
 photo P2186379_zpsda5eb877.jpg
 photo P2186380_zps7b107905.jpg
 photo P2186388_zps178929b7.jpg
 photo P2186383_zps32b525f1.jpg
 photo P2186387_zpse456376d.jpg
 photo P2186375_zps12caf2ce.jpg
 photo P2186372_zpse690bc40.jpg


  1. Return to the miniature world dude. You've probably had enough of hacking already.

  2. Fantastic paint job dude! Later this year I'm going to have a go at doing a Valhallan IG army with mad weathering- hopefully I get results half as good as this!

  3. This is an awesome paint job. It's minis like this that make me wanna learn how to do weathering! Nice!

  4. Trying to make a return but.... :(
    Skills very bad now... :(

  5. By the throne if your skill is "very bad" ... most of us would be like grot with a brush already.