Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gators FULL!!! Time to sleep...


Last Saturday was the Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller Tournament at Wolf's and me Gator's did me proud. I played my 50 pts Barnabas Tier 4 list.

Bloody Barnabas
x2 Wrestlers
x1 Ironback Spitter
Wrong Eye & Snap Jaw
x2 full units of Gatormen Posse
x1 min unit of Bog Trog Ambushers

1st Match: Gators vs Nick's Trollbloods
Mission: Grind
Gators managed a narrow win of 1-0. Trollbloods forgot about the ball. Calandra was too busy befuddling and starcrossing the gators and let one goal in.

2nd Match: Gators vs Jade's Everblight
Mission: Destruction
This was a really bad match-up. ELylyth and gang had trouble spotting the gators in their swamp puddle. And gators managed to destroy both of Everblight's objectives.

3rd Match: Gators vs Kong's Everblight
Mission: Demolition
This was a one in a million shot for me. Almost impossible to beat Kong's PTargosh and his 4 heavy warbeast. But as luck would have had it a huge mistake lead to the death of Targosh. Sealing the victory for the gators.

Now it is time to digest all the eaten foes and go to sleep.

[Thanks all for making it a great tourney! Cu all at the next one! WRATH AND DOMINATION IS COMING!!!]


  1. Congrats bro and nice work on the army. Really nice painting. I'm still waiting for my rulebook to arrive. Can't wait to start my army of Trolls.

  2. Awesome work as usual dude- about damn time you made a blog entry lol

  3. @Ivan another troll blood player! Welcome to the kith. Will post pix of my trolls soon.

    @Jeff ya I been painting but not posting. Unfortunately nothing 40k. Decided to ditch 40k and go join the Horde! I have ur Xmas present ready. Do u want it early? :p

  4. You're too kind homie, and yes, I'm happy to abscond with it now. I have no shame hahaahhahaaa